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June 22nd, 2015: - Listen | Download

A defiant and Besieged City.

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Joshua Tartakovsky

Phil speaks with Joshua Tartakovsky, an independent journalist and filmmaker, originally from Jerusalem, graduate of Brown University with a BA in International Relations and a MSc from the London School of Economics. Previously, Mr. Tartakovsky has worked or interned in Bosnia, UK, Brazil, Germany.

Joshua Tartakovsky discusses the reality of the Western siege against the people of Ukraine, especially in the independent Donetsk, which he visited via a trip organized by Europa Objektiv, a Russian-German NGO.

Tartakovsky's great grandparents died in the 1941 massacre at Babi Yar - largest single massacre during WWII, killing at least 30,000 Jews, who were accused of being Bolsheviks. Also murdered were Russians and Polish.

Tartakovsky points to double problem: (1) Mainstream media does not report the shelling that is happening in violations of the Minsk agreement and (2) EU and US are largely supporting a regime in Kiev that is killing its own citizens. It is a collective punishment that also cuts off medical services, pensions, and access to banks.

Tartakovsky lists the three major demands of the Donetsk People: (1) Justice for the People (2) Cultural rights, esp. allowing Russians to speak Russian (3) Removal of the current regime in Kiev

Tartakovsky fears that the escalating hatred resulting from atrocities and the difficult economic times will lead to war, extremism and incitement.

Washington has been using very irresponsible methods and supports the most extreme elements in Ukrainian politics, especially since February of 2014, the Maidan Massacre. DC has to stop supporting and inflaming situation by trying to sabotage Minsk 2. Washington is seeking to have a much wider conflict, probably because of financial, strategic and other interests.

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1. Rwandan Spy chief Karenzi Karake was arrested in London on a warrant issued by Spain, who accuses Karake of war crimes. The two Phils discuss the many priests and nuns who were murdered since the invasion in the 1990, including a Canadian priest.

2. Intriguing historical truth: Connecting the history of slavery, the civil war and recent shooting at historical church in Charleston, South Carolina. Phil traces the White Supremacist ideology back to Thomas Jefferson, who was committed to slavery, and to Jefferson Davis, who waged a treacherous war against those who voted for a "Black President" (Abraham Lincoln). Then came Reconstruction to enforce the rights of ALL Americans, followed by the White supremacist, both South and North, deconstruction of Reconstruction. Some Canadians reflected the racism in the US and welcomed Jefferson Davis with cheers and singing Dixie. Phil praises the Russians for being the one true friend to the Americans back in 1863 when they put their ships in the NYC Harbor and San Francisco harbor to prevent the British and the French from closing those harbors. Phil gives a history lesson that explains the same thinking that incites the white supremacists today and is expressed in the South Carolina church shootings. We ALL need to hear Phil's connecting the historical dots, which cannot justifiably be limited to a summary. Statement (paraphrased) by Phil: You can't falsify history and then say we want reconciliation. You have to say those who control the past, control the future, and they have been controlling the past with a great myth that justifies White supremacist thinking.

3. Phil Conlon updates the Freedom Flotilla 3 humanitarian venture and talks about a Quebec retired postal worker, Christian Martel, joining the flotilla.

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