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March 2nd, 2015: - Listen | Download

What Canada knew about Libya. A Salute to the Equality of the Human Race. Ramsey Clark Reports on Recent Trip to Damascus and the US Directed Terrorism Across the Region.

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Stephen Gowans, John Carlos, Ramsey Clark

Gowans refers to an article by David Pugliese who obtained Canadian intelligence documents about Libya. In 2011, Canadian intelligence services understood that Libya's opposition was dominated by fundamentalists and extremists, and that intervention would likely create chaos. The Canadian government chose to create chaos.

Learn the story of how Canada became "Al Qaeda's air force," as Gowans traces Canada's contribution to Libya's destruction. NATO hopes that Libya will serve as a 'lesson' for Syria: do what we say, or we'll keep the Al-Qaeda spigot turned on.

At the 1968 Olympic award ceremony, John Carlos and Tommie Smith each held up a fist with a black glove to indicate America's epic struggle against racism. They were supported by Peter Norman, a white Australian advocate for global human rights who won the silver medal and who heroically wore the Olympic Project for Human Rights (OPHR) badge during the award ceremony.

Carlos said that they were ready to give society a shock treatment. It was not just the moment of the the time, but the MOVEMENT of the time. It was an Olympic Project for human rights. It was a step for freedom for the generations to come.

Ramsey Clark is the Founder of the International Action Center (IAC), former US Attorney General, political analyst and human rights advocate. In his most recent visit to Damascus, Ramsey Clark found conditions there almost normal, despite fighting in the countryside, and was impressed that Syria maintains a stable government.

The struggle against violent intrusion from outside the country has a long way to go. Clark explains that the US-dominated West’s goal in the region is to weaken countries to the degree they can no longer govern themselves, and the people are left with the primitive struggle for survival, as happened with Libya and Iraq.


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