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March 23rd, 2015: - Listen | Download

Rwandans must be secure in their right to oppose Kagame. When a Dream Becomes a Nightmare: The Story of Rwandan Canadian David Himbara. The Gaza Flotilla is a campaign for freedom.

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David Himbara, John Honderich, David Heap

Dr. David Himbara is the former principal secretary to Rwandan President Paul Kagame. He describes how as an economic advisor, Mr. Himbara found that he was expected to falsify the true state of Rwanda’s economy. In the political realm he witnessed the violent removal of leading government members who differed with President Kagame. He left Rwanda for his own security but found that Rwandans abroad are not safe from a pursuing and punishing regime.

John Honderich, Chairman Torstar Board / Toronto Star, traces the role Rwandan-Canadian Dr. David Himbara played in the Kagame Regime. Honderich met Himbara during his four trips to Rwanda under the Rwanda Initiative Program geared to improve the level of journalism in the country. Over the years, Mr. Honderich observed the problems experienced by those who differed with the leadership, and believes Himbara was fortunate to leave when he did. Honderich hopes that attention to the Himbara case will help bring security to the Rwandan diaspora, which has experienced intimidation from the regime.

David Heap recalls his father Dan Heap marched with M.L. King at Selma and Dan and his wife Alice Heap taught the need for persistent struggle to succeed. Gazaark.org will follow this practice in the forthcoming Freedom Flotilla which will challenge Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza.


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