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The Fog of Toronto Politics. The US is targeting Syria and trampling on international law: Where is the opposition? Why Catholic Zionist Changed His World View.

Featured Guest(s):
John Barber, Ted Schmidt,

Phil Taylor and John Barber discuss Toronto's mayoral candidates, especially frontrunners current Mayor Rob Ford and challenger John Tory, whose SmartTrack subway TIF (Tax Increment Financing) plan would involve borrowing 3 billion dollars on the gamble that it could be repaid from the increased base of property taxes, a plan that failed in New York where the city is still paying on the interest and the debt remains 3 billion.

Barber expects that voters will use "strategic voting" --translation: "lesser evil" voting.

Barber says the major problem is a lack of money for independent political organizations to influence the vote.

In his commentary on Syria, Phil describes US policies:

1. Removing diplomats and closing Syrian embassies to delegitimize Syria and incite violent opposition.

2. Combining with Turkey and Saudi monarchs to weaponize terrorists, while expressing surprise at their deeds, and using the subsequent chaotic conditions as an excuse to bomb inside Syria.

Schmidt grew up in a strong Jewish neighborhood, became a Catholic Zionist and celebrated the birth of Israel. After the trip to Palestine, Schmidt maintained his love for his Jewish friends, but he also wrapped himself around the plight of the Palestinians and listened to their voices.

Schmidt praises some of the new voices within Judaism speaking out for truth and for justice for the Palestinians --writers such as Israeli Gideon Levy, Amira Hass, and Yoram Binur (author of acclaimed My Enemy, Myself).

John Tory’s SmartTrack doesn’t live up to its name - by John Barber

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Labor Day -- Before and Now: From Internationalist Unity to Militarism. 'Anti-ISIS campaign' is a Trojan Horse to escalate the war against Syria.

Featured Guest(s):
Stephen Gowans,

Phil Taylor and Phil Conlon discuss how the meaning and practice of Labour Day has been corrupted: Going from a celebration of internationalism of workers who saw themselves as part of humanity and anti-militarism to celebration of military air shows and a ritual of pretending to care about those who fell in the past.

Phil Conlon reads Joe Fiorito's satirical column, "It's time to end the celebration of death and kill the airshow."

Taylor also praises and summarizes Ishmael Reed's article "Bad Apples in Ferguson," which emphasizes police brutality is not just against blacks, but against a rainbow of minority colors, esp. Native Americans, Latinos and Muslims. Reed says that the statistics in polls should reflect this reality.

The U.S. is hyping ISIS as the greatest terror force imaginable, even though according to the FBI, "there are no credible threats to the U.S. homeland."

The ideology of the Caliphate derives from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. ISIS-style beheadings are an institution in Saudi Arabia.

Yet the Pentagon is discussing airstrikes on Syria instead of the medieval terror kingdoms that it supports in the Middle East.

Stephen Gowans also discusses the NATO buildup over Ukraine. NATO is constantly checking the windows and the doors of countries it doesn't own.

Don't expect the United States to adopt a consistent posture on sovereignty when it comes to Syria or Ukraine.

It’s time to end the celebration of death and kill the airshow. - by Joe Fiorito
Western Leaders Fear-Monger to Mobilize Support for Air-Strikes on Syria

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